1 January 2012

Celtic Hunting Dogs - fireplace surround

Description: This is a fireplace surround I designed for my living room. It is a mosaic of two Celtic hunting dogs with associated knotwork.
Year of creation: 2006-7
Materials: Mosaic ceramic  tiles
Size: 100cm x 80cm

9 September 2011

Spring Park Wood

Description: This is a local wood, near Bromley, Kent, that rises from playing fields up a hill. It is a favourite location for joggers and dog walkers. This picture is taken in early summer when the the many fresh shades of green are coming into their full glory.

Year of creation: It was created for the Bromley art exhibition in 2011
Materials: Acrylic on mdf base, with permanent pigment ink,
Size excluding frame: 70cm x 20cm
Size including frame: 80cm x 30cm

8 August 2011

River of Eyes

Description: This is a simple interpretation of a river based on interlocking people and their eyes. I wanted to make it bright with a small range of colours
Year of creation: 2011
Materials: Acrylic on mdf base, with permanent pigment ink
Size excluding frame: 60cm x 40cm
Size including frame: 70cm x 50cm (This incorporates my new solid picture frame concept)