12 June 2011


Description: This is a picture of the oak tree in my back garden. It is over 300 years old and I wanted to capture its majesty and permanance. I also have a pond and gazebo like structure in the garden which I have incorporated into the picture. The various animals have been developed from doodles whilst the name of the picture is because the tree sometime acts as a roost for ravens amongst other birds.
I wanted to have bold colours and the red earth adds some depth to the painting.
Year of creation: 2011
Materials: Acrylic on mdf base, with permanent pigment ink
Size excluding frame: 60cm x 60cm
Size including frame: 60cm x 60cm (I have been developing a bold edging idea much like the box canvases)

10 June 2011

Chasing my tail

Description: This was designed to be a mosaic for an outside table. The plan was to use a simple, striking design with some bold colours.
Year of creation: 2008
Materials: Mosaic on marine ply
Size excluding frame: 60cm diameter
Size including frame : n/a