6 May 2011

Waiting my life away

Waiting my Life Away

Description: This picture was developed one day while I was doodling away waiting for some software to instal on my PC. I had scribbled various angular shapes when suddenly the eyes and nose became apparent. From then on it was quite a simple exercise to create a face and hands. The computer and keyboard took a few attempts. Personally, I quite like the shirt and his hands. It has taken me off in a new direction and I have been doodling various people which I hope to combine in a social scene.
Year of creation: 2011
Materials: Acrylic on mdf base, with permanent pigment ink
Size excluding frame: 28cm x 35.5cm
Size including frame: 33cm x 41cm

1 comment:

  1. I would like to commend you as an artist. I think that your artwork is extremely unique and is really cool to look at. I can't believe that these originated from just doodles.